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List of all Jazz Offices and Franchise in Multan

When you came to Multan and you have to need to buy SIMS of any network or have a complaint to the service provider then you will need the Telecom service provider office address. Many people know the address of their offices but people who are new to Multan city have to worry about this.… Read More »

Famous Places in Multan, Pakistan for Travel

Multan is the oldest city in Pakistan and has buildings, streets, roads, and many other places that are many centuries old. People from all over the country come here for sightseeing and enjoy the old places.If you also come to Multan, Pakistan, you must visit the places which I am going to tell you below.… Read More »

What is the salary of a Pakistani worker?

The salary of a laborer in Pakistan is only Rs. 800 per day. Which is twenty thousand rupees a month. If we talk about the salary fixed by the government here, then the salary of a worker who works for only eight hours should be at least eight hundred rupees. But due to the growing… Read More »